ITF FOC Campaign 2008: Data and Facts

The round-up of results from the last year is quite impressive: In spite of the beginning economic crisis, all campaign activities demonstrated an increase as compared to the previous year. After more than 60 years of campaigning against flags of convenience, progress is still being made.

For the record:

The ITF employs 125 inspectors (120) in the ports (243) of 45 countries around the world. ITF inspectors visited a total of 9,580 (9,545) ships in 657 ports worldwide. The ITF flag of convenience campaign resulted in a total of US$ 18.8 (16.6) million being recovered in back wages and compensation for ships’ crews during 2008, representing an increase of 13 % compared to the previous year. Supporting the campaign, seafaring members of ITF affiliates and crews on foc ships carried out industrial action in 21 countries on four continents. Last year, the number of seafarers covered by ITF agreements was 232,946 (2007: 209,950; 2006: 193,325). ITF agreements on pay and working conditions were signed in 31 countries during 2008. The numbers in brackets denote the figures for 2007.

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